About us

Asian Magic Association (AMA) is one the world’s leading magic organization that brings together of the Asian leading magic societies under one platform that committed to the enhancement, promotion and development of the Art of Magic. The AMA was established at the Hong Kong 2003 International Magic Convention, on 28th April 2003.

It was founded by six (6) Asian magic societies namely China Guangdong Acrobatic Artists Association, Magician’s Association of Hong Kong, Korea Alexander Magic Family, Taiwan Black Hat Magic Club, Siam Magic Club of Thailand and Inner Magic Club of Philippines. The delegates of the members made a joint announcement in five (5) official languages at the establishment ceremony.The Presidents of those six (6) member societies are elected to the board of AMA, whereas Mr. Ton Onosaka of Japan has been invited to be the consultant of the Association. Mr Dai Wu Qi of China Guangdong Acrobatic Artists Association has been appointed as the President of AMA and Mr. Albert Tam of Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong, as the General Secretary.AMA organizes international magic convention annually in order to promote the art of magic. The first convention was done in 2004 hosted in Shenzhen, China. The 11th AMA Convention was hosted by Republic of South Korea last year and the year of 2015 will be the 12th AMA Convention, hosted by Malaysia.Over the years AMA has grown and todate, AMA consists of more than nineteen (19) magic societies across Asia Continent. The year of 2005 had marked another crucial achievement where AMA became the sister organization of Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques (FISM), the biggest magical organization in the world which represents over 50,000 magicians across the globe.The Member Societies of FISM are organizationally grouped into six (6) Continental Divisions namely FISM Asia, FISM Africa, FISM Europe, FISM Latin America, FISM North America and FISM Oceania where each of these divisions organizes its own Continental Championships of Magic. The winners of AMA Convention would be eligible to compete in FISM Asia Championship of Magic.Whereas, FISM World Championship of Magic is done at least on every three (3) years and this year Italy is hosting the 26th World Championship of Magic on 06-11 July, 2015 at Rimini, Italy and Canada on 2021.